The Dark Connection Between UFOs and Grisly Mutilations

The Dark Connection Between UFOs and Grisly Mutilations

The details are both grisly and strangely surgical: corpses found under the open sky with their eyes plucked out, tongues removed and private parts excised—all extracted with the utmost precision and leaving not a drop of blood.

Reports of such unexplained mutilations, carried out on both humans and animals, have baffled investigators for decades, leading to speculation about whether the perpetrators might be otherworldly beings conducting biological experiments on earth’s inhabitants. While scores of reports have emerged from U.S. western and midwestern states detailing mysterious bloodless animal mutilations, human cases have been far less common—and often much sketchier in their documentation.

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The enigmatic ‘Project Grudge Report No. 13’

One of the most shocking cases, the Lovette-Cunningham incident, involves an American Air Force sargeant allegedly abducted by a saucer-like aircraft, after which his cleanly mutilated body was found in the New Mexico desert. In ufology circles, reports have circulated that the case was studied by Project Grudge, one of the earliest U.S. Air Force programs tasked with investigating sightings of unidentified flying objects in the years after World War II. (Project Grudge was a short-lived precursor to the better known Project Blue Book, which ran from 1951 to 1969, many documents from which are now declassified.) The result of the Air Force investigation into the purported abduction was allegedly a 600-page document labeled “Project Grudge Report 13.”

Problem is, no official information on Report 13 exists and the U.S. government denies its very existence, so its details are known only from second-hand sources who claim to have seen and analyzed the document. One account came from controversial conspiracy theorist William Cooper (1943–2001), who asserts he was tasked with analyzing an annotated version of Grudge Report 13 in the early 1970s. The other came from William English, a former Green Beret captain who says he too was asked to analyze the document, while assigned to a U.S. security service at a former Royal Air Force base in Chicksands, England.

English dictated two audio cassettes outlining what he remembered from Report 13, and according to Military Encounters With Extraterrestrials: The Real War of the Worlds by author Frank Joseph, English also participated in a 1991 Colorado radio broadcast where he discussed his findings. Cooper’s and English’s stories echo one another closely.

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A terrifying abduction, a curious autopsy

Both recount an alleged incident of March 1956 involving Air Force sergeant Jonathan P. Lovette, who was assisting Major William Cunningham in the White Sands missile testing grounds near Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. While searching for scattered debris from a recent rocket test, Cunningham was shocked when he heard a loud scream. Thinking Lovette had perhaps been bitten by a snake, English recountsCunningham crossed the dune to aid his partner when he purportedly witnessed one of the more bizarre human-extraterrestrial encounters.

Instead of finding Lovette nursing a snake bite, Cunningham, according to English, recounted seeing the soldier being dragged by a long serpentine arm, wrapped around his legs, connected to a silver disk hovering in the air 15 to 20 feet away. Cunningham watched, frozen in horror, as Lovette was pulled inside the craft, which then rose vertically into the sky. The major then stumbled toward his jeep and radioed for assistance.

Security teams arrived and the disturbed Cunningham was confined to the base hospital for observation and treatment after retelling what he believed he witnessed. According to Joseph’s Military Encounters book, base personnel did confirm an unidentified radar contact near Holloman at the time Lovette vanished. The base dispatched search parties into the desert, but it would be three days before Lovette’s nude corpse was discovered—some 10 miles from the site of the alleged abduction. From all indications the body had been exposed to the elements for 24 to 48 hours. According to English, the report offered no explanation of what might account for the missing third day, and the autopsy performed on Lovette raised more questions than delivered answers.

First question was: Why had Lovette’s corpse been so severely mutilated? His tongue had been cut from the lower portion of the jaw, his eyes gouged out and his anus removed. In the Air Force medical examination report pertaining to the incident, English alleges that the coroner remarked on the apparent surgical skill used to remove the organs—in particular that the anus and genitalia had been neatly extracted like a plug. Perhaps most puzzling was the fact that the body had been completely drained of blood, but surprisingly, there was no vascular collapse usually associated with death by bleeding.

Though Grudge Reports 1 through 12 have been declassified, along with Report 14, no official mention or accounting of Report 13 exists. The Lovette/Cunningham case remains unsubstantiated and no follow-up reports regarding the incident—if it in fact did happen—are available.

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The wider mutilation phenomenon

While easily disregarded as fiction, the alleged 1956 New Mexico incident offers intriguing parallels to other reported mutilations both past and present. In 1988, a body was allegedly found at the Guarapiranga Reservoir in Brazil. According to reports, the victim had been dead for 48 to 72 hours, but there was no sign of decomposition. The eyes, ears, tongue and genitalia had been removed, as had the digestive organs. Officials were never able to identify the victim.

Widespread reports of livestock mutilation also contain similar details. Since the early 1970s, incidents of mutilated cattle, sheep, horses, rabbits, deer, bison and elk have been recorded, with the bloodless corpses often lacking jaw flesh, eyes, ears, tongue, lymph nodes and genitalia. In 2009, The Denver Post reported four calves were found mutilated in similar ways. NPR reported on a 2019 incident in Colorado in which five young purebred bulls mysteriously showed up dead, drained of blood and with body parts cleanly excised.

“A lot of people lean toward the aliens,” Harney County Sherriff’s Deputy Dan Jenkins told NPR. “One caller told us to look for basically a depression under the carcass. ‘Cause he said that the alien ships will kinda beam the cow up and do whatever they are going to do with it. Then they just drop from a great height.”

So numerous did reports of cattle mutilation become in western and midwestern states in the 1970s that the FBI was asked to step in and investigate. But according to now declassified documents, they were unable to properly perform the task due to jurisdictional issues.

No official answer has ever been given to these strange and unsettling incidents, and they remain unsolved.

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Cattle Mutilations and the Sons of Satan

Since at least 1967, reports have surfaced throughout the United States of animals – but, chiefly, cattle – slaughtered in disturbing and bizarre ways. Organs are taken and significant amounts of blood are found to be missing. In some cases, the limbs of the poor cattle are broken, suggesting they have been dropped to the ground from a significant height. Evidence of extreme heat, to slice into the skin of the animals, has been found at mutilation sites. Eyes are removed, tongues are sliced off, and, typically, the sexual organs are gone. While the answers to the puzzle remain frustratingly outside of the public arena, theories abound. They include extraterrestrials, engaged in nightmarish experimentation of the genetic kind military programs involving the testing of new bio-warfare weapons and government agencies secretly monitoring the food-chain, fearful that something worse than “Mad Cow Disease” may have infected the U.S. cattle herd – and, possibly, as a result, the human population, too. Then, there is the matter of the Sons of Satan a secret cult that engaged in the sacrifice of cattle to their lord and master, the Devil himself.

The story dates back to 1974 and an inmate of the Federal Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. The year had barely begun when one of the prisoners at Leavenworth – a man named A. Kenneth Bankston – penned a letter to a well-known UFO investigator, Jerome Clark. Bankston’s reasoning for contacting Clark was simple enough: one year earlier, in 1973, Clark wrote an article on the cattle mutilation puzzle for Fate magazine. So, Bankston was looking for someone with whom he could share his story – a story focused on the aforementioned Sons of Satan. Given that the cattle mutilation hysteria was at its height in the mid-1970s, it’s not at all surprising that others, besides Clark, were also writing about the grisly mystery. One of them was Kevin D. Randle, a noted UFO authority. Randle’s article, “The Killer Cult Terrorizing Mid-America,” appeared in Saga, just shortly after Clark’s was published. Both men discussed the “cult” angle, which was gaining more and more interest.

Among those who was interested in the cattle mutilation problem – but who was not overly convinced that it had a connection to the UFO issue – was Dr. J. Allen Hynek, of the Center for UFO Studies. Hynek, at the time, was liaising with an agent of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms – Donald E. Flickinger – who had a personal interest in UFOs. Flickinger, when approached by Hynek, agreed to undertake an investigation into the cattle mutilation controversy. While Flickinger did not find any evidence suggestive of a UFO connection to the cattle killings, he did note that “a certain pattern existed” when it came to the nature of the attacks, the removal of organs, and the significant blood loss. When Jerome Clark heard of Flickinger’s studies, he provided the BATF agent with copies of A. Kenneth Bankston’s correspondence. Bankston’s story was as eye-opening as it was controversial. The Sons of Satan was a powerful, very well hidden group that had seemingly endless funding and manpower and was led by a mysterious character, only referred to as “Howard.” The secret group was determined to provoke “hell on earth.” And the sacrificial rites were a way to ensure that Satan would aid in the group’s efforts to create hellish mayhem.

U.S. authorities did not dismiss Bankston’s story. In fact, the exact opposite was the order of the day. Flickinger wasted no time in calling the Minneapolis U.S. Attorney’s Office. When the facts were outlined, the office agreed that an investigation should proceed – and proceed quickly. As a result, Bankston and another inmate, a man named Dan Dugan, who asserted he was a member of the Sons of Satan, were moved from Leavenworth to another prison. Whereas Leavenworth was a high-security facility, the situation at the new jail was far more relaxed. Of course, one could make a very good case that Bankston and Dugan made the whole thing up, primarily as a means to make it appear they were trying to help clear up a very disturbing mystery – a mystery that the government dearly wanted clearing up. In other words, by helping the authorities, the pair hoped that as a “thank-you” they would be moved from the oppressive environment at Leavenworth – which is exactly what happened.

It must be said, however, that this does not mean the story of Bankston and Dugan was without merit. The story was detailed, plausible, and – as far as the police were concerned – was viewed as being far more likely than the sensationalized UFO explanation. Indeed, acting on the words of the two prisoners, law-enforcement officials approached numerous “Satanic cults” in the United States. Despite such approaches, the secret order of the Sons of Satan were never found or exposed. Today, the cattle mutilation mystery continues – and also remains steadfastly unresolved.


The cattle mutilation phenomenon is an ongoing mystery that has endured for almost 50 years. What have we learned, if anything, from the countless reports filed? Who or what is behind the death and disfigurement of livestock reported as mutilated around the globe?

Are these deaths simply attributable to natural predators and scavengers? Or is the military/government somehow involved perhaps monitoring “mad cow disease”? Are the deaths the action of ritual “cultists” as police say the evidence would suggest? Is it possible that alien predators are involved, as some researchers and the media have suggested? Are mystery helicopters or UFOs related to the cattle mutilation phenomenon as many witnesses have claimed? Regardless of who or what is responsible, what are the motivations behind perpetrating what may be the greatest unsolved serial crime spree of all time?

Stalking the Herd addresses these questions in depth and also offers an objective look at the history of our venerated relationship with cattle, among the first domesticated livestock. Is there a connection between these ritualistic cattle deaths and humankind’s ancient practice of animal sacrifice? Why are there no Brahman cattle mutilations in India where cattle are revered to this day? Are aliens gathering genetic material for unknown purposes? What about the thousands of pounds of scientific forensic evidence? Are some hidden sections of the military conducting secret projects that—for some reason known only to them—involve the mutilation of hundreds of livestock and other warm-blooded animals. Are they monitoring the spread of “mad cow” disease?
Stalking the Herd is an in-depth examination and analysis of this complex, multi-layered mystery and this book scrutinizes the various explanations that have been proposed over the years.

Christopher O’Brien has devoted 20 years to investigating and researching hundreds of these unexplained livestock deaths and assessing the potential implications for humanity. With the help of a handful of unsung “mutologist” proto-scientific pioneers, O’Brien has synthesized an insightful explanation that may help explain this puzzling mystery—a mystery that may have profound implications for our rapidly-growing beef-eating culture.

He is the author of the books Secrets of the Mysterious Valley and Stalking the Tricksters, among others.

Misunderstood “Legitimate” Operations?

The incidents documented by King perhaps add a further, even more unnerving aspect to the apparent mystery of the black helicopters. That their occupants, for reasons unknown, are prepared to use force, perhaps even deadly force, to meet their objectives, of which, we know very little. The accounts, though, do resonate with an incident involving black helicopters that unfolded over Chicago in 2018, an incident we will examine shortly.

If there is a secret government connection to the sightings and reports of black helicopters, what is the reason for these apparent clandestine missions? Might at least some of them be “legitimate” secret operations, perhaps in the interests of security and the protection of the population? We should note in the interests of balance, that many military departments and even various law enforcement departments use black or dark helicopters for legitimate reasons. Or might such reasons make darker projects much easier to cloak and hide from the general public?

King also documents a strange three-week period in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in March 1999. According to his research, sightings of strange black helicopters began over the city, with some coming from different places within minutes of each other. What’s more, one particular sighting, according to witnesses, saw a black helicopter hovering over a particular street for several minutes before suddenly leaving. Black helicopters were seen over this particular street for almost a month.

Controversial Claims Concerning Cattle Mutilations

Back in the late 1980s, the FBI declassified into the public domain its files on the matter of what have become known as cattle mutilations. The extremely detailed files revealed how, in the mid-to-late 1970s, the FBI was implicated in a bizarre series of events, in which numerous cattle were found dead under truly shocking and unexplained circumstances and, primarily, in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and elsewhere. Typically, the carcasses of the poor animals were said to have been drained of blood. And, organs were removed by what seemed to have been instruments of some kind. Moreover, on repeated occasions, unidentified aerial lights and black and unmarked helicopters were seen in the direct vicinity of the grisly killings. Although the FBI didn’t get involved until the 1970s, the mutilations themselves began in 1967. As the Denver Library state of what became known as the Snippy affair: “On September 7, 1967, near the town of Alamosa in the San Luis Valley, Snippy, a 3-year-old Appaloosa, failed to return to the Harry King Ranch where she was stabled. Two days later, Mr. King (the ranch owner) discovered Snippy’s remains roughly a quarter-mile from the ranch house. According to his account, the neck and head had been completely stripped of flesh, leaving nothing but bare, seemingly sun-bleached, white bone, while the remainder of the mare remained unscathed.” And, it didn’t take long, at all, for rumors to circulate to the effect that aliens were behind the mutilations and the killings of the cattle.

But, why would extraterrestrials be implicated in the animal mutilation mystery? Well, that’s an important question. One man claimed he knew the truth of all the grisly activity. He was the late Lieutenant-Colonel Philip J. Corso (who served on President Eisenhower’s National Security Council staff, the Operations Coordination Board, and the U.S. Army Staff’s foreign technology division). Corso made a very controversial claim: “In the Pentagon from 1961 to 1963, I reviewed field reports from local and state police agencies about the discoveries of dead cattle whose carcasses looked as though they had been systematically mutilated. Local police reported that when veterinarians were called to the scene to examine the dead cattle left in fields, they often found evidence not just that the animal’s blood had been drained but that the entire organs were removed with such surgical skill that it couldn’t have been the work of predators or vandals removing the organs for some depraved ritual.”

Corso continued that the first thought on the part of the U.S. military was that this was the work of the Russians. However, he added, “[I]t wasn’t the Soviets who were going after our cattle. It was the EBE’s [Author’s note: EBE is an abbreviation of Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity – a term allegedly used within U.S. Intelligence circles to describe alien beings] who were experimenting with organ harvesting, possibly for transplant into other species or for processing into some sort of nutrient package or even to create some sort of hybrid biological entity.” If you think this sounds like some kind of low-budget horror-movie, well, you wouldn’t be too far away from the truth. The fact is, there is not a single bit of undeniable evidence to demonstrate that state police in the United States were concerned by cattle mutilations as far back as the 1961-1963 period. It was in the late 1980s when I made my first Freedom of Information Act request to the FBI for their extensive mutilation files. Yes, the files show that something very strange was going on. No-one disputes that. But, none of those files referenced events in the 1961- to 1963 period. There’s something else, too: when I read Corso’s book, The Day After Roswell, I fired off FOIA requests to numerous state police agencies. Some sent me copies of some of the material the FBI had already on record. But, that was it. And, no-one knew anything about Corso’s nightmarish claims. Apart from, it seems, Corso himself.

The fact is, Corso’s cattle mutilation story (told in his 1997 book) has nothing at all to support it. Zero! His story of “…organ harvesting, possibly for transplant into other species or for processing into some sort of nutrient package or even to create some sort of hybrid biological entity,” is garbage mixed with bad sci-fi. Nothing like this has ever surfaced in any kind of official government, FBI or police file. Apart from the ones that Corso claimed to have seen. Now, some might say that the government hid the files after Corso read them. Or, they were destroyed. Not impossible, but, if that’s the case, then why not destroy all the FBI’s files, too? Don’t forget: the FBI did a great job of sharing all their cattle mutilation files with the public. They’re all available at the FBI’s website, The Vault. Yet, the ones Corso claimed to have read are conveniently gone. Or, far more likely, they never existed in the first place. I challenge anyone to find any official files on cattle mutilations from the early years of the 1960s in the United States. As for that matter of “hybrid” issues, and the “transplant into other species,” once again, there’s no evidence for this anywhere. Corso told a good yarn in The Day After Roswell. But, that was all he did.

Grim Details And Even Grimmer Possibilities

It might also be appropriate to examine some of the recurring, and grisly details of these harrowing incidents, as well as some of the most popular theories as to what might be behind them.

For example, these unfortunate animals are often found with every drop of blood drained from its body – something that has been carried to such a standard that most often there are no signs of blood anywhere in the region where the animals are discovered. Furthermore, there are very often a series of precise medical cuts to the animals with certain body parts, in some cases, having been equally precisely removed – as if by a person with advanced medical knowledge of such procedures.

In other cases, as well as the above, the animal’s internal organs have either been removed or reduced to a strange mush. And in other cases, the skin, muscle, and tissue around the face has been completely stripped to the bone.

Furthermore, and once more leading toward the involvement of highly advanced technology, chemicals not often discovered in animals are often found, as well as increased levels of others.

So, just what is behind such terrifying attacks?

Perhaps one of the most recurring assertions is that extraterrestrials are behind the cattle mutilation phenomena, maybe as part of some kind of monitoring experiment regarding life on earth. Some suggest those behind the attacks could indeed be human but, as outrageous as it might sound to some, they are time-travelers from the future. Of course, if this is true and we assume that time travel has become possible in the decades or centuries that are yet to unfold, then we have to ask what has taken place in the future that requires such drastic and specific action.

Others believe that a top-secret government program is likely behind the mutilations, and there is a small plethora of reasons offered for why this might be. For example, perhaps the motivation would be nothing more than monitoring food supplies in an attempt to prevent the spread of disease? Or perhaps the reasons are much darker and might have connections to cloning the world’s food.

There are also those who believe these cases contain a satanic element to them, and could possibly be a part of rituals, or even sacrifices. And while these suggestions are perhaps more easily dismissed than others, they deserve to remain on the collective backburner of our minds.

The short video below looks at the basics of cattle mutilation.

George Adamski Got Famous Sharing His UFO Photos and Alien ‘Encounters’ – HISTORY

Adamski had multiple claims to UFO fame. Starting in the late 1940s, he took countless photos of what he insisted were flying saucers. But experts, including J. Allen Hynek , scientific consultant to the Air Force’s Cold War-era UFO investigation team Project Blue Book , dismissed them as crude fakes.

Then, in 1952, Adamski reported that he had met and conversed with a visitor from Venus in a California desert, using a combination of hand gestures and mental telepathy.

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Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story mischaracterized the statement North Carolina State University astrophysicist Katie Mack made to the Verge about why an astrophysicist might publish a theory he doesn’t believe to be true. It has been corrected.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Before he started the whole alien spaceship thing last year, the chairman of Harvard University’s astronomy department was known for public lectures on modesty. Personal modesty, which Avi Loeb said he learned growing up on a farm. And what Loeb calls “cosmic modesty” — the idea that it’s arrogant to assume we are alone in the universe, or even a particularly special species.

Portraits of the Past: Investigation into cattle mutilations continues in Colorado

Michael Warnke wrote this 1972 best-selling book, "The Satan Seller." In the 1970s, Warnke was considered an "authority" on satanism, although his story was exposed as fraudulent in 1992.

Sterling Public Library / Courtesy image

This article about the deaths of four teenagers in Cozad, Nebraska, reportedly with a connection to cattle mutilations in Colorado in summer 1975 appeared in the Sterling Journal-Advocate on Nov. 25, 1975.

Carl Whiteside of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Brush Banner publisher/editor Dane Edwards

Editor’s Note: This series is part of the monthly contributions to the Fort Morgan Times by the Community History Writers, a group of area individuals committed to documenting and writing about local history and the people, places and happenings that created the various communities within Morgan County.

Even though by spring 1975 other federal agents had wiped their hands of the whole bizarre tale of the cattle mutilations in Colorado being orchestrated by a satanic cult, the story was already out of the can and spreading like mycelium underground and popping up like mushrooms after a rain storm.

Two prison inmates had told Donald E. Flickinger – an agent of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division – that the satanic cult led by a man named “Howard” had a purpose of creating “hell on earth.”

No matter how much the story was debunked, it kept spreading. The increase in reports of cattle mutilations in Colorado in summer 1975 only kept the story going into the fall.

In late August of 1975, the Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph featured the headlines: “Mutilation of Dogs Threatened” and “Witch Drawing to Stave Killers.”

In October 1975, the Greeley Daily Tribune ran an article headlined, “Mutilation Work of Satan Worshippers.” In it they interviewed Michael Warnke, the author of a 1972 best selling book, “The Satan Seller.” In the 1970s, Warnke was considered an “authority” on satanism (until his story was exposed as fraudulent in 1992).

The story swept across the nation, as well.

In the fall of 1975, Esquire magazine retold the inmates’ story and said that Flickinger’s life had been threatened and that’s why his investigation had come to an “abrupt” end.

Closer to home, the Sterling Journal Advocate ran a week-long series in December 1975 detailing the Flickinger report, a full six months after the story had been retracted. Anyone reading the headline, “Teen Deaths Occult Killing,” and then skimming the article, might have missed the explanation that the story of the deaths of the four teenagers in Cozad, Nebraska, was all based on information from an inmate, with no other information corroborating his story.

Colorado investigation continues

Behind this backdrop of rumor and sensationalism, Colorado Bureau of Investigation Agent Carl Whiteside and nine other full-time agents were hard at work trying to determine who or what was causing all of the cattle deaths.

During their investigations, they heard all of the stories including the grisly details of what body parts or organs had been removed, how little blood was left, and how there were never any tracks. In addition, they received numerous calls relating stories of hovering helicopters near isolated ranch houses or low-flying copters following cars, tractors or horseback riders. And then there began an avalanche of stories telling of strange lights in the sky and sightings of UFOs.

Two theories explaining the mutilations were now prevalent in the newspapers: either the cattle were being carved up by devil-worshipers dipping down in helicopters or there were creatures from outer space zooming down in their space ships and taking specimens.

“Trouble is, I deal in facts, not theories,” Whiteside commented. “This is the toughest case I’ve ever worked on.”

The first step in any investigation is to come up with a motive, and in this he was completely stumped. Use of body parts and organs and blood could be used by satanic cults, yet it was his opinion that these cults were no longer in vogue. He said that the CBI hadn’t ruled out the use of helicopters, but they still didn’t have any solid evidence of a helicopter landing next to a mutilation.

However, other law enforcement officials disagreed with this assessment. They said they’d seen the helicopters or evidence of helicopters at the scene of mutilations.

Frustrated by the lack of action by the government, the Brush Banner publisher/editor, Dane Edwards, wrote a scathing editorial, badgering the governor.

He said that our “Prince Charming Governor was not an enraged bear at all….he was only a Lamm.”

Edwards also criticized the major newspapers for not reporting about this crisis, and he speculated that they were doing so because they were being pressured by the government to keep quiet about the story.

On Oct. 1, 1975, the Brush Banner’s headline proclaimed victory: “Governor Concedes: Talks to Ranchers.”

Governor Lamm had set up a meeting at the Brush Livestock Exchange for that day. The article also mentioned that the governor planned to pay a visit to the Brush Banner following the big meeting.

The next day the paper’s headline read: “Lamm Features Cattle, Water, & Temper.” The article told how the governor had met with 75 concerned ranchers and assured them that, “We’re doing all we can to combat the wave of cattle mutilations across the state.”

As promised, he met with Edwards after the meeting, where the governor expressed his extreme displeasure with the way the newspaper was reporting on the cattle mutilations and especially the government’s response to it. Lamm said he had not “conceded” to have the meeting (presumably as a response to Edward’s editorial) and that the meeting with the ranchers was actually about other matters. According to the article, Lamm’s last words before leaving the meeting with Edwards were, “We have some real antagonism between our office and the Banner.”

Dane Edwards goes missing

In the two months following publication of this article about the governor’s local visit, the Brush Banner was suddenly silent on the topic of cattle mutilations. Not one article or editorial on the topic showed up in its pages until December 10, 1975, when the headline proclaimed, “Ex Banner Publisher Presumed Missing.”

The article related how a missing person’s report had been filed on Dec. 5, 1975, by Mrs. Dane Edwards of Arlington, Texas. Her husband had failed to contact her by phone on Thursday evening as was their normal routine whenever he was not at home with her. According to his wife, Dane Edwards had left his employment at the Banner in order to research and write a book about cattle mutilations. While employed by the paper, he had expressed concerns about his safety on numerous occasions to her.

Mrs. Edwards knew he’d been in Brush on Dec. 2, 1975, because he had been seen in town on that day. He returned to his home to pick up some files and some personal belongings and then headed out. He was driving a white Ford Maverick with Colorado plates. He was on his way to Denver to meet someone who was interested in his book. The meeting didn’t take place, but Dane Edwards did talk to the person on the phone. He called his wife that night and told her he was going to meet with this person the next day.

Mrs. Edwards became worried on Thursday night when her husband didn’t call her. She called the person he was to have met, who said he never showed up. She called the Colorado Springs Police Department to place a missing person’s report. When she tried to file it, they told her that she had to file a report in the city where he resided, so she told the Banner that she had filed a report in Euless, Texas. Now all she could do was wait and hope for the best.

The Banner contacted her on Dec. 8, 1975, and she said he was still missing. They asked her if she had contacted the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and she said no, because she didn’t want to apply pressure toward whomever was holding him.

The Banner checked up on her story and contacted the police departments in both Euless and Arlington, Texas. They learned that neither department had received a missing person’s report from Mrs. Edwards. When they called the police in Colorado Springs, they found out that one had been filed, but then it had been canceled on Dec. 8, 1975.

What had happened to Dane Edwards continued to be a mystery.

Last in the series: Was there a connection between cattle mutilations and UFO’s?

Demons in Alien's Clothing

A s we enter the 21st century and a new millenium, Satan has devised the delusion that mankind is entering into an important evolutionary phase - a New Age. The push for "global enlightenment" has now extended to the vast reaches of the universe, into what could be deemed as a "space" religion. However, once this nebulous veil is lifted, a definite correlation emerges between the UFO/Alien phenomenon and occultic/satanic activity.

The ancient civilizations of the Egyptians, Babylonians, Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas shared several intriguing characteristics:

  1. They were extremely advanced scientifically and technologically.
  2. Animal and human sacrifices were performed at an alarming rate, preceding their demise.
  3. They believed they had acquired metaphysical knowledge from the "gods", whom they perceived as coming from the stars and also the subterranean level of the earth.
  4. These cultures disintegrated or became abruptly extinct while at the pinnacle of their existance.

Many of these revered and feared entities were described as looking like winged-reptilians or dragons. Similarly, Satan and his minions were depicted in an identical manner, as seen in artwork throughout the centuries.

A monograph entitled, Reality of the Serpent Race, by Branton, reveals, "In Genesis 3 we read about the 'Nachash' Hebrew word for 'Serpent'. The original Nachash was not actually a snake as most people believe, but an extremely intelligent, cunning creature, possessed with the ability to speak and reason." Another significant parallel from the Holy Bible is shown in Jeremiah 8:17, "Behold, I will send serpents, cockatrices among you, which will bite you, saith the Lord." The definition of a cockatrice is a reptilian bird-like creature or winged-serpent. This could very well represent the Phoenix, described in Egyptian mythology.

A theory proposed by Bible scholar I.D.E. Thomas asserts that the race of the "Nephilim" (meaning Giants and/or fallen ones), mentioned in Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:33, closely resemble the alien race of the blond Pleiadian Nordics, reported to be eight to nine feet tall. The Nazis attempted to revive this mystical Aryan race in the 1930's and 1940's. Mr. Thomas believes that a hybrid offspring culminated from relations between the Nephilim and the "daughters of man" resulting in increased wickedness upon the earth and thus evoking God's wrath in the form of the "Great Flood".

Interviews taken of ex-Wiccans and Satanists (now Christians) indicate a high level of personal contact with various alien types, especially during coven meetings and holiday rituals. Those coming from the highest echelon of Satanism known as the Illuminati, believe the original people who inhabited the earth descended from Mars via the Moon. They believe the first established civilization was Atlantis. Renowned for their superior intellect, the Atlanteans suffered the same fate as a few of the proceeding cultures already mentioned. The remnant people from Atlantis became the American Indians, according to their interpretation of history.

Dr. Richard Boylan has written extensively about E.T. encounters, and has found five common features of people predominately involved in UFO/alien sightings and abductions:

  1. Individuals possessing a high degree of psychic ability.
  2. Similar phenomenon occuring with other family members (multi or trans-generational).
  3. Native Americans and/or indigenous peoples.
  4. Children who have been subjected to severe abuse or trauma.
  5. Individuals and/or family members affiliated to government and/or military intelligence agencies or departments.

In conjunction, a strong relationship exists between occultic ritual sites, top secret military installations, and UFO/alien sightings and abductions. There also appears to be a magnetic spiritual vortex (or vacuum) which has drawn an many "New Agers" into these areas (Taos, NM Sedona,AZ Boulder, CO, etc.). One prime example is the area near Dulce, NM, where the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has a highly-secured underground complex on the Jicarella Indian Reservation -- a region known for Native American shamanism. The facility is said to be used for genetic engineering, including cloning. Several witnesses who were employed there reported seeing different breeds of aliens.

Congruently, the Mojave Desert in California has it's share of military bases involved in "black projects", ranging from research and development of "advanced" aircraft to MKULTRA mind control operations (Edwards AFB, Ft. Irwin, and China Lake Naval Weapons Center). Coincidentally, it was the area where Charles Manson and family resided in the late 1960's. It was also the general location described in the book, Outside the Circle of Time (1980) by Kenneth Grant. A portion of the book states, "John Whiteside Parsons [who specialized in jet propulsion] and L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology [and former Naval Intelligence Officer] were involved in a special project during 1945 and 1946. This special project which was carried out in the California desert, was a part of magical ceremonies [black witchcraft] known as the 'Babylon Working', designed by Aleister Crowley, who died in 1947 [year of the alleged Roswell UFO crash and the implementation of the National Security Act]. The purpose of the series of ceremonies performed by Parsons and Hubbard was to unseal an interdimensional gateway, that had been sealed in antiquity thereby allowing other dimensional entities known as the 'Old Ones' access to our space/time continuum. The culmination of the ceremonies was reported to have been successful, having resulted in the establishment of 'extra-terrestrial contact'. Crowley left behind a drawing of his invisible mentors or as he called them, 'Secret Chiefs' [spirit guides], entitled LAM. This entity has a very large head on a small body, a pointed chin, and a little slit of a mouth [description compares favorably to the 'Greys']."

Another British occultist, Dr. John Dee, court astrologer for Queen Elizabeth I, would regularly summon alien-like entities.

Several abductees, psychics (through out-of-body experiences) and former employees of the Dulce facility reported seeing large vats, full of blood and body parts essentially, a human stew . Their understanding is particular varieties of aliens, mostly "Greys" bathe in these vats to absorb nutrients through their skin. One of the secretions these aliens crave is adrenaline, which is generated in great quantity when the victim is tortured or traumatized at the moment of death. This glandular hormone is most potent in children.

Striking similarities are found in Egyptian Satanism, as graphically detailed in The Egyptian Book of the Dead. "Behold ye then god this great slaughter, mighty of terror, he washeth in your blood, he batheth in your gore." It was common practice for them to sacrifice infants and young children for the purpose of obtaining the life or energy force from the victim.

Additional observations by some who have witnessed aliens recall distinct insignias or emblems on their uniforms. To no surprise, alien symbology is identical to that of the Mystery Religions of ancient Babylon. For instance, the winged-sun disk is worn by the "Draconis" or Reptilian race and is prominently displayed throughout the sliding scale of occultism. The double-headed eagle or Phoenix is associated with the Lyrae-Greys a trademark of the Scottish Rite branch of Freemasonry. A book describing the interaction between non-human beings from other planets and the "enlightened ones" (33rd degree Freemasons) is found in the book, The Hidden Life of Freemasonry. Mario Pazzaglini, Ph.D., published his meticulous research pertaining to alien symbols in a book titled, Symbolic Messages: An Introduction to a Study of "Alien" Writing. He effectively deciphered over 150 samples and concluded that a high percentage of the alien alphabets are similar to magical alphabets of Hermetic and Enochian origins. Mario also surmised that, "Further, messages [from aliens] seem in most people to act as a nucleus for a developing sense of purpose in life, an increased realization that of some kind of 'assignment' from beyond humankind, and a heightened spiritual sense. The specific contents of these ideas can be of any religious denomination, or orientation, and sometimes reveals or develops a totally new religion, usually with conglomerate pieces from known religions and other cosmic, planetary, or stellar schemes."

A case epitomizing this "cosmic consciousness" has been disclosed by Sky Ambrose, an alleged UFO/alien abductee who was interviewed by Art Bell, on his nationally-syndicated radio show, Dreamland, October 16, 1994. She and a friend were supposedly abducted in Colorado after observing a UFO in November 1989. Sky lost about two hours of time which she could not account for and decided to undergo hypnosis. A condensed version of what Ms. Ambrose recalled is as follows:

  1. The aliens looked translucent, with large heads upon thin, frail bodies. Their eyes were large and pronounced, but their was no recollection of noses or mouths.
  2. Sky and her friend were implanted with a small square, tissue-like substance inside their heads (catscan analysis or x-rays have verified these biological devices exist).
  3. Communication with the aliens was achieved telepathically.
  4. They (the aliens) told Sky she was not chosen by them, but she out of her own volition, decided to participate in this journey before her present life (reincarnation). To her understanding, these beings are "caretakers" or "guardians" of the planet, Earth. Their function is to bring forth "revelation" through the spirit of unity, and, the earth is the soul of God a living entity (paganism).
  5. It was explained to her that the universe is rhythmic and presently at a peak cycle what appears to be chaos is actually the birthing of a "new order" (ordo ab chaos?). To enter into the next evolutionary level, new bodies will be needed to re-seed the planet. This hybrid body will be a combination of human and alien (remember the Nephilim?).
  6. Her renewed belief system incorporates the expression that negativity brings separation but unity brings love (please read II Corinthians 6:17 & Matthew 10:34).

Some skeptics have taken the position that the UFO/alien phenomenon can be best explained as a form of psychosis or hysteria as conceptualized within Jungian psychology. Others view it as an elaborate government hoax, designed to further confuse the American populace. Such an insight is coherently expounded upon in the book, Space Aliens from the Pentagon, by Bill Lyne, former Air Force Intelligence Officer. I believe all the above explanations can exist simultaneously and need not be exclusive from one another. What better way to manipulate one's perception of reality by throwing out several different scenarios, thereby making it difficult to ascertain a consistent pattern or trend that would hopefully lead to finding the elusive "truth". In adding to the perplexity, cattle mutilations have been theorized to be the nefarious work of space creatures for experimental purposes. Others feel it's a result of cultic rituals. Yet, another explanation is that it's a smoke-screen perpetrated by government/military psy-ops in order to escalate our already induced paranoia (Is that a black helicopter I hear?).

A few so-called experts in the field of UFOology are excited about the possibility that someday soon, these seemingly benevolent and misunderstood inter-galactic beings will openly reveal themselves to the Earth's human populace and bring about universal bliss. This grand deception is yet another lie conceived by the one referred to as "that old serpent" (Revelation 12:9).

As history repeats itself, let it be understood that we are living in a time likened as "in the days of Noah" (I Peter 3:20). With "dark skies" prevailing and the overwhelming presence of evil around us, what are we to do? I Corinthians 10:13 explains, "There hath no temptation taken you but such as common to man : but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above ye are able but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it." There is no physical place to hide from this onslaught of carnality except by taking refuge in our spiritual fortress, God Almighty (Psalm 91:2).

I trust this article provided sufficient information to render an objective conclusion. From my perspective, these extra-terrestrials are nothing less than demons in alien's clothing. Grievously, many have and will succumb to this seductive aroma of pseudo-enlightenment (Mark 13:33). May we abide in Jesus, lest we partake in the abominations held within the mystery of iniquity (II Thessalonians 2:7-12).

Mad Cow Disease and Cattle Mutilations?

[Hello, I’m Ted Oliphant, as a police officer in Fyffe, Alabama I investigated over 35 cases of cattle mutilations over a six month period from October 1992 through May 1993. I have made several recent breakthroughs in researching this problem. Would you consider posting the following article on your website?

Dead Cows I’ve Known

By Ted Oliphant III Copyright 1997, All rights reserved.

Recently the British Secretary of Health admitted that Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), or “Mad Cow Disease” may be a species jumper. This means that humans exposed to animals with BSE, can also contract it. This announcement set off a panic, with many countries (Most Notably France, Belgium, Germany and The United States) announcing boycotts of all British beef. There was serious consideration given to destroying all eleven million head of British cattle. But how do you dispose of 11,000,000 dead cows?

Some projections for the year 2010, suggest that up to 200,000 people could be affected each year from Mad Cow Disease related Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (CJD). This is in Great Britain alone. People don’t die from Mad Cow Disease, but from CJD after BSE infection.

What is Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease?

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (“CJD”) is a rare, fatal brain disorder which causes a rapid, progressive dementia and associated neuromuscular disturbances. The disease is often referred to as a sub acute spongiform encephalopathy because it usually produces microscopic vacuoles in neurons that appear “sponge-like”. * Under the microscope, you can see “holes” in brain tissue. CJD, BSE and other Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies are now referred to as “Prion” diseases, but there is still much debate in both the medical and scientific communities.

In addition to CJD, these suspected human “Prion” diseases include Kuru, Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker disease and Fatal Familial Insomnia. Kuru was originally found only among the Fore tribe in Papua, New Guinea and has been significantly reduced since the cessation of the ritual handling and eating of the brains of deceased relatives. Kuru is not eliminated, but only reduced to a nearly normal level. The different names for these various prion diseases have historical reasons, but they all are variations of CJD.

Among the first symptoms of the human prion diseases are visual disturbances and changes in skin sensation. There are also psychological changes. The disease is characterized by progressive problems with coordination which are typically followed by dementia. Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker disease and fatal familial insomnia are predominantly hereditary disorders with the former usually marked by progressive coordination and movement problems and the latter evidenced by sleeping problems preceding dementia. The suspected prion diseases occurring in animals consist of: Scrapie in sheep and goats (The pre-cursor to BSE) Transmissible Mink Encephalopathy Chronic Wasting Disease of mule deer and elk Feline Spongiform Encephalopathy and Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy.

On March 20, 1996, the British Government, in a complete reversal of its previous position, stated that there was a possible link between BSE and CJD. This new acknowledgment arose from the identification of an apparently new strain of CJD which was discovered in 10 people under the age of 42, including some teenagers. Additionally, five of the people were associated with the meat and livestock industry. Scientists advising the British Government decided that the most likely explanation for this unusual outbreak was the consumption of beef from diseased cattle before 1989, when regulations were adopted for the disposal of potentially infectious cattle offal, including brains, and the use of sheep entrails as feed ceased.*

On November 10, 1997 in England, Professor John Pattison, Chairman of the British Government’s Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Board announced on BBC TV’s Panorama program that the National Blood Supply could be contaminated with a “New” human strain of mad cow disease. “It’s still impossible to say with any accuracy but there could be quite significant numbers of people incubating new variant CJD, raising the possibility that these people could be donating infected blood to the national stocks,” he said.

At the present time, the only proven manner for contracting CJD from an infected person has been through iatrogenic transmission, an unintended consequence of a medical procedure using tainted human matter on surgical instruments. Iatrogenic transmission of CJD has occurred in cases involving corneal transplants, implantation of electrodes in the brain, dura matter grafts, contaminated surgical instruments and the injection of natural human growth hormone derived from cadaveric pituitaries. Thus, one may become infected with CJD from direct contamination with infected neural tissue.*

There are new, strict guidelines for the handling of suspected BSE, CJD and Kuru infected tissues. Once a brain biopsy is completed, surgical instruments, scalpels and the like, are disposed of because sterilization will not kill the Prions, or proteins. This raises the question of how many times before the new guidelines were instituted, were contaminated surgical instruments used from patient to patient? Prions can not be killed, because they are not living beings. Heat sterilization does reduce the infectivity by several orders of magnitude, but the reduction is NOT total.

BSE & CJD have the potential to become Doomsday Diseases, they are very hard to detect and there is no cure or treatment. Neither is it known how many different places it could pop up: blood supplies, food supplies etc.

How did this happen & where did it come from?

The main suspicion traces the un-natural practice of feeding vegetarian animals “Rendered” food made of contaminated animals who are found dead. Rendered foods come from “Rendering plants” like the Avon plant in Geraldine, Alabama. There are hundreds of these plants throughout the United States and the world. The problem is the feeding of infectious material, but not only to vegetarian animals. This practice was also lethal for several wild cats in British zoos, and the mink populations in the United States.

What goes on at a rendering plant?

Rendering plants act as an animal disposal unit for dead livestock. Instead of burning and disposing of dead animals, they are converted to animal feeds. I visited the Avon plant in 1993 and witnessed this process, where nothing is wasted. Area farmers and ranchers are invited to drop off any dead farm animal. The animals are crushed up in large mulchers and poured into enormous high pressure vats where they are cooked into multi-animal stew. The stew is further processed until it is packaged and sold to area farmers as livestock feed. I’ve witnessed pigs, goats, cows and horses brought to rendering plants. The animals were in various conditions. Some had been dead for over 24 hours, yet were still rendered into livestock feed. None of these animals are checked for disease or illness before they enter the food chain. Shockingly, many cows that been found “mutilated”, ( missing various glands, tissue and organs) were brought to these rendering factories and processed into food for their still living relatives. I was shocked, but unlike Great Britain which has had protections against such practices since 1989, there are no such guidelines here in the United States.

What is the prospect for Mad Cow Disease to appear in the United States?

That is THE question several of us are asking, what does our government know and what aren’t they telling us? The first case of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease appeared in the 1890’s, was finally identified in 1920 and first considered contagious during the identification and study of Kuru in the 1950’s though it was, at that time, thought to be fully contained. However the identification of contaminated surgical instruments as a transport mechanism raises a bigger question…how many surgeries used contaminated scalpels?

The incubation period for BSE and CJD can range from six months to beyond 40 years. However, the incubation time can be very much longer. That means that if you ingested contaminated meat prior to becoming a vegetarian, you can still get sick many years down the road.

This isn’t the first time animal parts introduced into the food chain, caused illness and death. Thyrotoxicosis (New England Journal of Medicine, Hedburg CW, Fishbein DB et al. 316: 993-8, 1987) occurred when bovine thyroid glands were combined with hamburger meat and distributed throughout many communities. This caused over 100,000 people to get sick. Finally the Center for Disease Control (CDC) investigated and concluded that large doses of bovine thyroid hormone in hamburger meat, was the culprit. Here’s what happened. For years the US Government bought every bovine thyroid gland it could get it’s hands on for research. As a result, every meat packing plant in America was removing the thyroids and selling them to Uncle Sam for top dollar. Then all of the sudden, our government stopped buying them. Meat packing plants and butchers starting grinding up the glands and mixing them with our hamburger. That practice has, for the most part, been stopped thanks to the CDC.

The U.S. Army, The National Institute of Health (NIH) & Rocky Mountain Labs

Quietly and secretly, The United States Army and the Center For Disease Control have worked together, off and on, for years. A perfect example of this clandestine cooperation was the outbreak and containment of Ebola Reston. You can learn more about this in an excellent book “The Hot Zone”. The Army & The CDC entered the Reston monkey houses, took care of business and were gone before anybody knew what happened. They showed up in civilian clothes, and un-marked vans. All of this was done right under the noses of television camera crews who were looking around, but never saw them because the Army & CDC hid their vehicles behind buildings! Currently another organization, The National Institute of Health (NIH) has been tasked with tracking and studying something even more frightening: Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathies and other Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs). Much of the research has been conducted at Rocky Mountain Labs. Originally it was thought that a foreign power might be trying to contaminate the American food supply. Instead they discovered a new variation of TSEs. But TSEs are no new biological evolution, in fact they are much older than the primates.

The funding for this research is hidden in the NIH’s black budget for the study of AIDS. Neither AIDS nor BSE are viruses, rather they are the consequences of immune systems that have been thwarted. The research has been kept quiet to prevent an outbreak of panic. But the cat’s out of the bag, all of us are in the same boat. Every American who’s ever eaten meet has potentially been exposed to our new, common threat: Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies.

Over the last ten years, law enforcement in dozens of States have been trying to track and identify unmarked helicopters sighted where area livestock have been discovered dead under suspicious circumstances. The helicopters are seen before and after these cows are found in pastures, missing certain organs. The same things are always taken. Bovine jaws are stripped to the bone, reproductive organs removed, entire tongues, digestive tracks and rectums are “cored” out. There is little to no blood at the scene. Many tissue samples taken by police investigators and analyzed at veterinary labs, show signs of exposure to heat, three hundred degrees or more. The tissue is cooked and the incisions are cauterized by the heat. This prevents blood and other fluids from leeching onto the ground. Everything taken has to do with input, output and reproduction. In recent mutilation cases, Alabama 1993 and 1994, California 1996 and Florida 1997 pharmaceuticals have been found in bovine blood. They are: Barbiturates, Anti-coagulants, Synthetic Amphetamines, Aluminum-Titanium-Oxygen-Silicon flakes, and Antimony (Antimony: A brittle lustrous white metallic element occurring in nature, free or combined, used chiefly in alloys and in compounds in medicine. -Webster’s). According to recent police reports, some investigating officers have claimed that the concentrations of drugs found are not of veterinary nature, that the are pharmaceutical concentrations found would be more associated with humans. Among those law enforcement agents who have thoroughly investigated these bovine excision sites, there is a consensus that some kind of medical testing is going on. The additional presence of helicopters on scene, before and after cattle are found dead missing specific organs, leads both victimized farmers and investigating officers to conclude that there is a connection. But why use human drugs on cows? Use your imagination.

Every organ taken from affected livestock has to do with input, output and reproduction. Where entire jaws have been excised in large, oval excisions, the bone is exposed and is perfectly clean. The wounds have been cauterized and there is no presence of blood. The jaw is an important area, particularly because enzymes produced in human saliva glands can kill viruses and bacteria. Though it’s not the case in animals, we wonder why similar things are taken? The digestive track also acts as a filter, that absorbs, collects and stores traces of any chemical or toxin introduced. The rectum is a similar filter, as are ears. They store traces of toxins and chemicals like a library. This is true in humans and animals. So far there are no known cases of inherited BSE, but the reproductive system may be a good place to look for clues on how TSEs pass to the next generation.

In 1993, I got a call from a man who told me that if I went to a certain place on a certain evening, I would see several helicopters land and refuel. He was right. Well after dark, two Chinook helicopters (The large twin rotor type) landed in the field behind some trees and carrying black plastic fuel bladders. Minutes later several smaller scout helicopters landed nearby, shut down and crews from the Chinooks walked over with large hoses and refueled each of a half dozen helicopters. The whole operation took less than 30 minutes and the Chinook helicopters took off and headed across the border where we tracked them to their home base, Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Now we knew who they were but we couldn’t figure out why they refueled on Sand Mountain. The next morning a reporter, Steven Smith from the Rainsville Weekly Post, called the Public Affairs Officer, Captain William Gibbons of the 101st Airborne and asked if they might’ve been in our area the previous evening. “We have no aircraft in your area, it wasn’t us” said the captain. It certainly was. So we knew then that some kind of secret operation was being conducted, but we didn’t know what it was. We still don’t, but when you look at each piece of evidence and try to use them as puzzle pieces, these so called “cattle mutilations” might be associated with government studies of epidemiology. With BSE & CJD and many other diseases being so devastating, is it possible than many alleged cases of “cattle mutilations” are actually evidence of our tax dollars at work?

The Evidence Suppression Team from Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama and The FAA Investigation of un-marked helicopters over Sand Mountain

The 101st Airborne Division is not suspected of being directly involved in the cattle mutilations that occurred between October 1992 through May of 1993. But is seems possible they may have refueled the other witnessed un-marked helicopters that we eventually traced to Maxwell Air Force Base. The 101st’s inability to tell the truth about where they had been, seems to be a constant in Federal Government employee behavior: You don’t tell the truth unless somebody holds a gun to your head.

When un-marked helicopters were witnessed by local farmers and law enforcement officers, Albertville Police’s Chief of Detectives Tommy Cole called in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to investigate. Detective Cole had lost a cow to the phantom surgeons and his wife had seen an un-marked helicopter over their pasture January 8th, 1993 the day before they discovered one of their Black Angus steers mutilated. An FAA investigator came to Albertville and Cole took him for a ride in his police car. The FAA investigator was skeptical until an un-marked helicopter flew near them. The FAA investigator couldn’t believe his own eyes and pulled out a hand held radio and hailed the helicopter. The helicopter pilot didn’t respond and ignored demands that he identify himself. This infuriated the FAA investigator who had now reversed his skepticism. He was able to trace the helicopter to Maxwell Air Force Base in Southern Alabama. When he launched an inquiry at the base, he was immediately told to drop it and never talk about again. A week later Chief Detective Cole received a call after midnight, it was the FAA investigator. It seems that while out in a boat on nearby Lake Guntersville, he and his family had witnessed a large triangle shaped craft flying maneuvers above them. I wonder if he ever reported that to his superiors?

There’s something very wrong at the Barton Ranch in Red Bluff, California.

Bill and Jean Barton have been cattle ranchers all their lives. Jean’s family has owned the same 1,600 acre cattle ranch in Northern California for over a hundred years. They have always been cattle ranchers, they have lived simple, normal lives most of that time. Then, something terrible happened on October 16, 1995. Something that would change their lives forever. One of their cows were found dead on their land near Eagle Lake. It was found missing teats from the udder, it’s jaw had been stripped and an ear was missing. Then it happened again, and again and again. By the time the first year had passed, the Barton’s had lost four head of livestock. Then, exactly one year from the first grizzly discovery, it happened again. On October 16, 1996 a cow was found missing it’s entire udder, it’s rectum had been cut out and it’s jaw was also missing.

The Barton’s had never seen anything like this before, not in a lifetime of raising cattle. But the nightmare wasn’t, isn’t over. By the end 1996, the Barton’s had lost seven more head under the exact same circumstances. This brought the head-count to eleven. On March 2, 1997 I received a call from Jean Barton asking me to come investigate suspicious cattle death number 14. When I and another Investigator, Stan Musselman, arrived at the ranch, Jean took us to the crime scene. This cow had been dead for three days, It was in a state of typical decomposition. That’s the problem when you own such a large ranch, you can’t police it. It might be two days before you discover something wrong. It turned into a recipe for certain disaster, and the circumstances and logistics, ensured the Barton’s continual victimization.

There was blow fly larvae under the cows left front shoulder. There was the attendant smell of rotting flesh. I had learned early on, to stand up-wind of bovine carcasses. I learned that important lesson fast, when I first examined similar cases in Alabama in 1992 and 1993. If you don’t stand up-wind, you’ll get sick quick. This cow looked identical to what I’d witnessed, over and over, thirty five times before on Alabama ranches. Under the right front shoulder, there was an eight inch diameter circle of flesh and udder missing. The udder was missing. Their was an enormous gaping hole where the rectum and vagina had been. It measured over ten inches across. Where the udder had once been, there was an even larger incision which lead halfway down the right rear leg. The leg muscle had been removed all the way to the bone. Then I saw something I’d seen once before.

Along the edges of the incision I could see a swirling, stepped and notched cut made by something similar to pinking shears. Again there was no blood on the incisions where hide, muscle and organs had been extricated. Deja-Vu, I might as well have been back in Alabama. The same damn thing, over and over and over again. “What the hell is going on?” Stanley and I asked each other. The animal was “too far gone” to order an autopsy, or If we had known sooner, within hours of the animal’s death, we could have learned more. What else had been “done” to this poor animal? The Barton’s used to make a simple, honest living. Now, with the substantial economic loss they’ve sustained, they aren’t even allowed that “luxury”. These ranchers cannot afford this, it’s killing their cattle, their business and most importantly, them. Surely they deserve better, but who will help them end their agony? Who will answer the question of what’s happening to their cows? They deserve an answer, just like the ranchers who have found themselves in a similar predicament, over the last 34 years. What makes the Barton cases so unusual, is their sheer number. I have never heard of anyone being victimized 15 times in two years. There’s something very wrong at the Barton Ranch, but what? There’s a number of reason’s why it’s safe for me to make the following statement…”If you’ve had fifteen mutilations on your ranch, in two years, you’ve got a problem”.

What might that reason be? Are devil worshippers performing surgery on your animals in time for their monthly celebrations? Or are aliens visiting you for snack food? Is this the work of coyotes? Or is it your tax dollars at work? If it isn’t the devil worshippers, and if it isn’t the aliens, and the coyotes have an alibi , what does that leave us with? I’m a student of Arthur Conan Doyle, and his alter-ego Sherlock Holmes. I must conclude, as they did, that after you have ruled everything else out, what you are left with MUST be the answer. My personal choice has to be “Your tax dollars at work”. But why are they at work on the Barton Ranch? What’s the attraction? By August of 1997, The Barton’s ranch had fallen prey to the same phantom surgeons for the fifteenth time. Fifteen mutilations on the same ranch? Why? There’s something very wrong at the Barton ranch, but what?

In the United States, something strange is happening at the Mexican Border.

All of the sudden truck-loads of un-healthy looking cows are being shipped into America. Forty-thousand a month. Where are they coming from? Is Mexico producing nearly a half million cattle a year for export? Or are they coming from somewhere else? Nobody seems to know, but it makes me nervous.

I don’t pretend to know the solution to either the bovine excision cases nor the appearance of the mystery helicopters. I don’t know where the “Mexican” cattle are really coming from. I don’t know that America faces a threat from BSE, but I do feel that these questions deserve our attention. President Ronald Reagan once hypothesized: “What if one day we all found that we faced a common threat from outer space, wouldn’t we all put aside our differences and work together?” President Reagan wasn’t so far off, today we DO face a common threat, soon we’ll realize that we all have something in common: possible exposure to Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies and a host of other disease like we’ve never seen before.

If you have any information, pertinent speculations, criticisms or a rebuttal to this draft, please contact me. I would like to correct any mistakes before the final manuscript is published in book form.

*Courtesy of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Research Foundation

Ted Oliphant III email: [email protected] (510) 486 0611
The author is eternally grateful to the following researchers & investigators for their many contributions, critiques and research presented in this article. They are:

Ed Gehrman, The Sonoma County Free Press, Sonoma County, California Roland Heynkes, A Molecular Biologist working in Aachen, Germany. Sgt. Ron Ogletree, Post Commander, Alabama State Troopers, Gadsden AL. Tommy Cole, Chief of Detectives, Albertville Police, Albertville, Alabama Officers Ken Mote & Mike Rice, Albertville Police. Corey Dobson, Ranger, Bucks Pocket State Park, Buck’s Pocket, Alabama. Carey & Teri Baker. Rainsville Weekly Post, Rainsville, Alabama. Steven Smith, Rainsville Weekly Post, Rainsville, Alabama. Mayor Boyd Graben, Fyffe, Alabama. Chief Junior Garmany, Fyffe Police Department, Fyffe, Alabama. Chief Fred Works, Fyffe Police Department.

Mad Cow Mutilations, Part Two
Copyright 1997, Ted Oliphant III

In my fist article “Mad Cow Mutilations” I discussed the link between reported un-marked helicopters and the discovery of dead cows missing certain organs, muscles and tissues. In the first three days after first posting that article, I received 26 email inquiries requesting information on how I made the connection between Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies and these so called “cattle mutilations”. In response I will now explain how the information came to me and how I connected it with the law enforcement investigations I carried out as a police officer in North East Alabama, in 1992 and 1993.

For the last seven years I have had a very good source of information, his name is Phil. Strangely, he’s been able to tell me what would happen next, who was in trouble and he shared prolific insights into the situations I’d placed myself. It’s a combination of his personal track record and the recent information he’s given me, that initiated my conclusions stated in the previous article. It was Phil’s idea that I research Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies and their connection to the investigations I carried out as a police officer in 1992 and 1993. When I checked out his statements, I found they fit in with several left over puzzle pieces from the official investigations carried out by myself, The Alabama State Troopers and The Albertville Police Department. Additionally, a second witness was able to prove his direct involvement with the covert refueling of helicopters on Sand Mountain in 1993. It was that information coupled with Phil’s identical information that allowed our investigative team to track some of the mystery helicopters back to Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. I should state for the record that there is no proof the Air Force was involved, other than the fact that they allowed the helicopters to operate out of Maxwell. There is no indication that the Air Force knew what the helicopters were doing. There is no evidence to the contrary, either. I have to say the same about the Chinook helicopters from the 101st Airborne, though they did refuel the helicopters and later lied about it, there’s no proof they knew who they were refueling, or why. And again, there’s no evidence to the contrary. I won’t go into more detail because I have to protect the identity of the second witness. I also have to protect the identity of Phil, because he told me recently that if his full name was used, he’d deny ever knowing me. That was coming from a friend, he told me to expect “a lot of heat” over my articles. We’ll see what happens, now on with facts, just the facts.

Peripheral Circulatory Shutdown of ailing livestock and their identification by means of Thermographic Infra-red Scanning

In 1993, Phil told me that some of the helicopters we were seeing, were equipped with thermographic infra-red scanners. These scanners allow pilots to see in the dark and fog. Every living or moving thing produces a heat signature, whether it’s the exhaust from an automobile or a farmer hiding in the woods with a high powered rifle, they can bee seen easily via infra-red scanners. I know the technology exists because when I was in the Air Force, the B-52 bombers where I was stationed, had similar units called FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) in pods that extended from below the fuselage. It allowed our pilots to fly in bad weather and at night. Here’s how and why this technology is used in the bovine excisions cases. Again the information comes from Phil, the conclusions are mine.

When a cow is in trouble, sick or dying, the first thing it experiences is peripheral circulatory shutdown. The peripheral, or outside circulation begins to shut down, this causes an immediate temperature reduction of the affected animals outside skin, or hide. When a helicopter flies low and slow over area pastures and has the infra-red scanner operating, it will notice a cow with a lower thermographic reading than the others in the herd. Find the cold cow, and you’ve identified a cow in trouble. Somebody wants to know why that cow is in trouble. Since the cow will probably die anyway, it’s a good choice for sample extraction. It’s also a good way to narrow down farms that might be affected by disease. This answers the question everybody always asks me: “Why wouldn’t the government just go around and buy cows at the livestock sale, it would be cheaper than using helicopters. They could raise their own cattle on their own land and nobody would know about”. That was always a hard question to answer, until now. There’s no need to sample animals that don’t appear to be at risk. If you are performing true epidemiology, you would go state to state and look for sick cows . You can’t do that at a livestock sale, unless you marked the animals and came back and bought them after they were transported to the sales lot. Even then, you’d have no assurance the cow you’d marked would be offered up for sale. Furthermore, time is of the essence, an ailing cow might not ever make it to the sale. True epidemiology requires scanning as many cows as you could, in as many different areas. You’d have to do this over the entire continental U.S. to make accurate studies and samplings.

The vast majority of the cows (female o.k.?) that I found missing organs and tissues, had calved (given birth) within 2-3 weeks before being found dead. That’s significant when we remember that BSE and CJD can also be hereditary diseases. In a couple of cases we investigated, the animal’s blood had been thoroughly drained (exsanguinated) and there was no blood on the animals or on the ground. Early on in the scientific study of CJD & BSE, it was determined that body fluids were highly volatile and the scientists would drain the blood entirely after sedating the animal. A curare-like drug immediately immobilized the animals and the animal would die of blood loss. This may explain why no veterinarian or laboratory was ever able to tell farmers or police, the animal’s cause of death. That was always a big mystery. Now I believe some of the animals I examined, actually died of shock from blood loss. A curare-like drug is necessary to immediately incapacitate the animal, this prevents any struggle so the work can be carried out quickly. You don’t want to stick around a long time and get caught by an irate farmer with a high powered rifle, that’s why helicopters are the perfect vehicle to get in and out, fast. Because these cows identified through lower temperature signatures will probably die soon anyway, it’s less of a moral issue for the teams performing the samplings. Phil tells me that there are three different groups studying Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies. There is the public group, associated with Nobel Prize winner Stanley Prusiner. The second group is private and headed by a man who’s name I will hold onto for the moment. The third is the government group, funded by a black budget. The groups don’t always share information, so each is trying to figure out what the other is doing. By the 1960’s, 112 different strains of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies had been identified. I don’t have any information on how many have been identified today. I don’t know if the strains identified here in the U.S. are more, or less dangerous than those still threatening Great Britain.

I don’t pretend to explain every bovine excision case that’s occurred across the country, I can only speak to those cases where I was directly involved in on-site investigations, working as a police officer. In 90% of the cases we investigated, helicopters were reported seen over the affected pastures the day before or after suspicious livestock deaths occurred. Because of the foreign substances found at the scene and in the bloodstream’s of the animals, we (farmers and cops alike) suspected at that time there was some kind of medical testing being performed. With the new information I’ve been handed recently, described in this and my previous article, I am even more convinced that we were on the right track. That is the covert surveillance and study of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies across America. Now that this information has been put into the public’s hands, the debate can begin.

If you have any questions, comments, criticisms or a rebuttal, please contact me:
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Further comments from Ted:

I don’t know exactly what the health threat is in the U.S. I’ve been told the U.S. strain MIGHT be more dangerous than the British strain, I don’t know. I’ve also been told to expect a lot of heat over this article.

Even if I’m wrong, we’re still potentially in trouble. I’m not an alarmist, I don’t believe inshouting “FIRE” in a crowded theatre, when there isn’t one. I do believe in forewarning the public about what COULD become a major issue in our lifetime. I have friends in Great Britain who are very worried about how their lifetime diet may pose a potential threat to their future health. I’ve had a reliable source of information for the last seven years, his name is “Phil”. That is his real name. Phil is the one who told me to look into this, starting three weeks ago. I did some prelimary homework and the puzzle pieces I was left with as a police officer and investigative journalist did fit what ended up as the article I wrote and presented to you. It’s still in the realm of science fiction but what I’ve reported is, to the best of my knowledge, true. I don’t pretend to explain all of the cattle mutilation cases reported, but I think this does explain some of them. That’s really the best one can hope for when you wear the two hats of police officer and investigative journalist. For the record, I never acted as a journalist during my two years with the Fyffe Police Department. I did so before, then afterwards.

It would be of tremendous benefit to me if you would keep a copy of this letter in your files so there will be a record of me explaining that I made the connection between the “mutes” (mutilations) and BSE/CJD as a result of information given to me by “Phil”. Otherwise I’ll be accused of propagating the agenda of some leak who has an ulterior motive.

If you watch what happens at the end of the next two weeks, you’ll understand why it’s important that my source, “Phil”, be brought into the story. You’ll also understand why it’s important that you keep a record of our correspondence, which initially led you to post my article.

I think it’s important that people be exposed to the information I’ve tried to responsibly provide. I thank you for allowing me to participate in your Forum, and I thank you for allowing me to exercise the privilege of free speech.

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